200 Followers on Medium!!!

2 min readFeb 1


I appreciate all of you. Thanks for reading my articles and supporting me.

Photo by Yana Nikulina on Unsplash

It’s been two months since I started writing again. My articles received a lot of attention, and that surprised me a lot. When I restarted writing two months ago, I had only 40 followers, and now I have 200. Thanks to everyone who reads my articles and likes them.

Here are some of my articles that have a special place in my heart:

This is my most popular article. It got 4.5k views and 769 likes.

And, this is my most popular article that is eligible to earn money:

I am going to write more articles like these, and it is important for me to feel the support behind me. Thank you again for reading and liking my articles😊

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