How to get Engagements in Twitter Crypto Community

Today’s most popular things are Crypto, NFTs, and Web3. The best platform to get news and recommendations is unquestionable Twitter. This article will tell you the best ways to get engagements on this platform about crypto. It is important to be disciplined to get engagements. Here are some tips to get more engagements in Twitter Crypto Community.

Photo by Marten Bjork on Unsplash

If you want to get engagements on Twitter, you need to be active 3 times a day or maybe more… You can write Gm☕️ and Gn 🌙

Most Twitter users, especially Crypto Community tweets Gm almost every morning, replying back these tweets will get you engagements because these accounts have at least 2k followers and the followers are very active so just find some active Crypto Twitter accounts, follow them and reply to their tweets.

Every day, some hashtags about crypto become viral and this is a chance for you to tweet about news about crypto, what you think about the hashtag, or which cryptocurrency/NFTs you bought maybe even you can ask questions to the community that is on Twitter.

@cryptojack on twitter

Most of the people share what they bought on Twitter. They buy NFTs and tag the NFT collection. These people earn followers or engagements because usually the account of NFT collection retweet their tweets so people who follow that NFT collection account see the tweet and like it or even comment on it. Also, sometimes they follow it.

@NotUncertainAxe on Twitter

As you can see, the guy @NotUncertainAxe bought an NFT from Sappy Seals and Sappy Seals retweeted it, then the guy got a lot of engagements even though he has few followers.

Memes have a big part in the NFT community because they are FUNNY! Most people make memes to share on Twitter and they get huge engagements, they have banger tweets. The only thing is being creative. You can be viral and popular by making tweets on Twitter. One of the example is @MinisterOfNFTs.

@MinisterOfNFTs in Twitter

He makes NFT memes and the memes are really good. As you can see, he gets huge engagements and he has over 30k followers on Twitter. You can easily make memes with Mematic App.

These are everything for getting engagements on Twitter Crypto Community. Let me know what you think and please follow me.



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